Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

Adrian Sanabria-Diaz

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2009-2010
Basic Project Description: I didn't get as much time to work with Adrian as I would have liked, as he started working in the lab shortly before I left UNK. In our brief time together, we started looking at using wavelet decomposition of sounds as a method of acoustical fingerprinting.

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2009-2010 UNK Undergraduate Research Fellow

- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

After graduating, Adrian started working for Phynd Technologies -- a company who works to provide data management solutions for heathcare systems. He worked there for 7 years.

In the most recent update, he let me know that he recently started a new company (Tiempo LLC), moved to Omaha, bought a house, has a cat named Zoe, and is currently acting as "Rocket Guy" for a MakerSpace for underprivildeged kids (teaching them how to build rockets on Saturdays while he builds a datalogger to get some potentially useful data out of the process.)

Personally, he's working on his pilot's license and it sounds like he's getting close to finished with that process.
updated: 8 August 2021