Dr. Joseph Niehaus

Joseph Niehaus

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2010-2011; continued collaboration from 2015-present
Basic Project Description: When I first started working with Joseph, we tried to develop a simple numerical model to investigate how aerosol particle clustering might influence dose-response relationships for airborne pathogens. Since he has returned to Charleston, Dr. Niehaus has also collaborated on a large number of projects in the lab including maintenance of the disdrometer array, characterization of the Joanneum 1DVDs, use of a TSI APS and CLiMET OPC's to quantify clustering among aerosol particles, and operation/analysis of trace gas data with the MARGA.

- Dissemination Based on work in Larsen Lab -

- Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers -


- Professional Conference Presentations -

G. Beachley, J.T. Walker, M.L. Larsen, J. Niehaus, M. Mullis, and I. Rumsey. Measurement of air-surface exchange of speciated Nitrogen and Sulfur compounds in a coastal environment. National Atmospheric Deposition Program Scientific Symposium and Fall Meeting. San Diego, CA. October 30-November 3, 2017.

M.S. Mullis, J. Niehaus, and M.L. Larsen (2017). Analysis of interarrival times of aerosol particles as measured by an Aerodynamic Particle Sizer Spectrometer. 2017 Fall AGU Meeting. New Orleans, LA. December 11-15, 2017.

M.L. Larsen, A.R. Jameson, A.B. Kostinski, and J. Niehaus (2018). A dense disdrometer network in the Southeastern United States: Results and new directions. European Geosciences Union General Assembly. Vienna, Austria, April 8-13, 2018.

M.L. Larsen, K.A. O'Dell, and J. Niehaus. Sampling considerations associated with the interpretation of disdrometric data. 15th AMS Conference on Cloud Physics. Vancouver, Canada. July 9-13, 2018.

- Student Research Presentations -

J. Niehaus and M.L. Larsen (2011). Models of inhalation dosage. Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Academy of Sciences. South Carolina State University. April 16, 2011.

M.S. Mullis, M.L. Larsen, and J. Niehaus (2017). Time series analysis of co-located micrometeorological variables. 2017 Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference. Elon University, March 31-April 1, 2017.

M.S. Mullis, M.L. Larsen, and J. Niehaus (2017). Time series analysis of co-located micrometeorological variables. 29th Annual College of Charleston Scientific Research Poster Session. April 20, 2017.

M.S. Mullis, M.L. Larsen, and J. Niehaus (2018). Statistical analysis of localized temporal clustering of aerosol particles. 30th Annual College of Charleston Scientific Research Poster Session. April 12, 2018.

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- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

After graduating from CofC in 2011, Joseph attended Michigan Tech University until obtaining his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science in 2015. Since then, he has worked as a Post-Doc in Texas, returned to Charleston, gotten married, worked as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Charleston Physics and Astronomy Department, and now works as a coder for ZipRecruiter.

His research in recent years has principally focused on ice nucleation. I have been fortunate enough to be able to rely on Joseph to also keep the disdrometer array running while I was on sabbatical, and we've continued to work on some other work related to aerosol particle spatial structure. Now that our science building at CofC has been renovated, both Joseph and I are chomping at the bit to start pursuing some new lines of research inquiry.
updated: 19 May 2019