Michael Brandon

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2019
Worked on characterizing the DAPS (Disdro Acoustical Precipitation Sensor) system with the ERM (Electromagnetic Release Method). Also helped to maintain the Stono River Preserve Site and worked a little bit on creating graphics for the Larsen Lab Data Webpage.

- Dissemination Based on work in Larsen Lab -

- Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers -


- Professional Conference Presentations -


- Student Research Presentations -

A. Long, P. Hamilton, C. Blouin, H. Powell, G. Connors, M. Brandon, and M.L. Larsen. Development of calibration methods for single drop rain sensors. Celebration of Summer Scholars. College of Charleston. August 19, 2019.

- Awards won while working in Larsen Lab -

Received a summer funding award from the Department of Physics and Astronomy for Summer of 2019.

- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

Michael is a rising senior in the Physics program at the College of Charleston. He does not plan to continue working in the lab at this time, and is still figuring out what he plans to do for a senior capstone project and what his post-graduate plans are.
updated: 4 August 2019