Michael Chute

Michael Chute

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2012-2013
Basic Project Description: Studied aerosol mixing with optical particle counters.

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- Student Research Presentations -

M. Chute and M.L. Larsen (2013). Aerosol concentration fluctuations. Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Academy of Science. Benedict College, April 13th, 2013.

M. Chute and M.L. Larsen (2013). Aerosol concentration fluctuations. 25th Annual College of Charleston Scientific Research Poster Session. April 18th, 2013.

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- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

After graduation, Mike went to work for Flatiron Construction as a Field Engineer intern for a while; he tells me that during that time his responsibility was managing the tower foundations that were inaccessible by vehicle -- he got to fly around in a helicopter all day, land in remote locations, and fly in and around mountains. Despite the fact that he had a really cool job, he got a bit tired of the heavy workload and decided to return to Clemson to pursue a Masters in Structural Engineering. While working on his Masters, he was also working part time at a design firm in Greenville called Britt Peters & Associates. Mike graduated with his Masters in 2017, and joined the firm full time out of their Charleston office. In late 2020 he sent me a message letting me know that he and his fiance bought a house and got a second dog.

In 2021, Mike sent another update. Apparently he is mere weeks away from his wedding (early June 2021). At his firm they've been back in the office since September 2020, but things only started to pick back up in about February of 2021. After they get married, Mike and his fiance Janie plan to head to Jamaica. They've also recently bought a house in Park Circle.
updated: 7 August 2021