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This is the web-page for Physics 111, General Physics I Lab (section 1, fall 2021). Materials on this webpage are meant to supplement information given to you in class itself. I'm not a big fan of OAKS, therefore any on-line supplementary material for the course you need can be found here. To the left, you'll find important links/syllabi/etc.

If you'd like to find out more about me or the research we do in my lab, check out my main webpage.

- About This Course -

This course is the lab accompanyment to General Physics I. In addition to helping you master the course content for PHYS 111, we hope that this course will help develop your skills in writing in a scientific context.

- Step by Step Guide in How to Succeed in PHYS 111 Lab -

Like all classes, what you ultimately will get out of taking this class is directly related to how much effort you put into the course.
  1. Attend lab every week and be an active participant in your group.
  2. Read/study the lab ahead of time.
  3. Refresh yourself on the material associated with the previous week's lab before coming to class, in order to do well on the weekly lab quiz.
  4. Keep a well-organized lab notebook. (And write everything you do down!)
  5. Stay on-schedule with your mastery of the material in PHYS 111; if you fall behind in the lecture, chances are much of the lab material will seem mysterious to you.


The fall 2021 semester starts on a Tuesday, and our lab starts on Tuesday as well. After careful examination of the schedule, it seems like meeting the first week of the semester would be our best plan to keep the labs as close in time to the releveant lecture content as possible. Thus, the first meeting for our lab will be THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS -- Tuesday, August 24th.

updated: 15 August 2021