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1DVD (1-Dimensional Video Distrometer)

Description and How They Work:

The 1-Dimensional Video Distrometer (1DVD) is a new commercial instrument developed by Joanneum research that measures the arrival times, sizes, and inferred fall speeds of hydrometeors to high precision. The device works similarly to the 2-Dimensional Video Distrometer but has only one illumination source and one camera. Because of this design, fall speed of each drop is indirectly inferred from the particle sizes assuming spherical droplet shapes (similar to the method deployed by the Thies Clima LPM and Parsivel Disdrometer systems).

The 1-Dimensional Video Distrometers deployed at Stono Preserve are the first commercially sold 1DVDs. We are currently working with the manufacturer to develop reliable software for these instruments. Since that software does not yet exist, we do not yet have data to share.


1DVD Picture
Taken By: Michael Brandon

1DVD Picture 2
Taken By: Michael Brandon

Instrument Webpages:

SN003 (First data taken: TBD)
SN004 (First data taken: TBD)

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation by the following grants: 2018 Grant , 2015 Grant , 2012 Grant