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DAPS (Disdro Acoustic Precipitation Sensor)

Description and How They Work:

The Disdro Acoustic Precipitation Rain Gauge uses a piezoelectric sensor to 'listen' to precipitation as it impacts the top of the gauge. The sensor gives off a voltage when it is struck by a raindrop. This voltage is used to calculate the energy of a raindrop and places the raindrop in a bin which corresponds to a raindrop size.


Disdro Picture
Taken By: Pearce Hamilton

Disdro Picture 2
Taken By: Pearce Hamilton

Instrument Webpages:

DAPS-00 (First data taken: TBD)
DAPS-01 (First data taken: TBD)

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation by the following grants: 2018 Grant , 2015 Grant , 2012 Grant