Erin Deck

Erin Deck

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2011
Basic Project Description: Used satellite imagery to try to determine whether cloud-cover can be used as an indicator of regional climate change.

- Dissemination Based on work in Larsen Lab -

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- Student Research Presentations -

E. Deck and D. Ruwadi (2011). Using cloud cover as an indicator of regional climate change. 2011 NASA GIST-Climate Change Symposium. College of Charleston. August 20th, 2011.

- Awards won while working in Larsen Lab -

Participant in 2011 NASA Space Grant Students and Teachers in Climate Change Program

- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

Erin and I worked together for a summer between her undergraduate degree and starting her graduate program. If LinkedIn is to be believed, she went on to the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science after leaving the lab and has since taken on successive positions at NC-DENR, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, and now at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
updated: 9 August 2021