Parker LeClerc

- Basic Information -

Time in Larsen Lab: 2018-2019
Basic Project Description: Examined reliability of citizen source data by looking for evidence of a sea-breeze and attempting to quantify its strength from public source Personal Weather Station data.

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- Student Research Presentations -

P. LeClerc and M.L. Larsen. Putting citizen source data to the test: Using personal weather station data to detect the presence and mangitude of a sea-breeze. Academic Magnet High School Senior Project Defense. April 10, 2019.

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- Post-Graduation Activities and Current Status -

Parker worked in my lab as part of his high school senior thesis. He has told me he plans to attend college in Walla Walla Washington (presumably at Walla Walla University) in order to study theology. I haven't heard back from him since he graduated in 2019 -- so presumably all is still going according to plan?
updated: 8 August 2021