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Dr. Mike Larsen
Associate Professor
Office: RHSC 317
Lab: RHSC 392
Phone: (843) 953-2128


Full CV: (PDF)

Dr. Larsen's Fall 2018 Schedule: (PDF)

Accomplishments and History of Larsen Lab

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Mike Larsen

- Current Courses (FALL 2018) -

Introductory Physics 1 Lab (PHYS 101L Section 04; Thursdays at 1 PM)
Introductory Physics 1 Lab (PHYS 101L Section 06, Tuesdays at 4 PM)
General Physics 1 (PHYS 111 Sections 01/02)
Research Seminar (PHYS 419 Section 01)
Physics Problem Solving (PHYS 481 Section 01)

-Research -

I do research in an area broadly defined as atmospheric microphysics. In short, I study stuff in the sky smaller than a breadbox. For most of my career, this has focused on studying small particles in the sky where the particle-like nature is relevant to the processes the particles are involved with. (In other words, I study aerosol particles, cloud droplets, and raindrops in contexts where the fact that they are discrete entities matter).

The processes that I study include radiative transfer (the transmission of light), aerosol activation, cloud particle growth through mechanisms like condensation and collision/coalescence, and raindrop interactions.

Our lab involves experimental (lab and fieldwork), computational, and data-analytic methods -- with an occasional foray into theoretical work, especially within the realm of stochastic geometry. We work on a lot of different problems, and we're always looking to work on interesting things.

We have recently developed a lab web page highlighting our accomplishments and trying to keep track of the students who have worked in the lab over the years. If you are interested, it might be worth checking out.

- About Me -

The academic basics can be found if you check out one of my CVs to the left. A more comprehensive biography (you must be bored) can be found here.

- Students Currently Working in the Larsen Atmospheric Physics Lab -

Chris Blouin -- Looking at aerosol particle clustering.
Grant Farmer -- Working on developing/testing a raindrop simulator for use in calibrating/characterising disdrometers.
Parker LeClerc -- Investigating measures of Sea-Breeze intensity and their correlations to other meteorological variables. (Student at Academic Magnet High School).
Hilary Powell -- Assisting with Dixie Site Maintenance and Instrument Fidelity

last updated: 22 August 2018