Larsen Lab

- Introduction -

This web-page is devoted to the activities and accomplishments associated with the Larsen Research Lab. I wrote my first paper in 2002, but I didn't really have a lab of my own until 2007 when I started my first faculty position at the University of Nebraska at Kearney -- so most of this pages is devoted to the time period from 2007-present. Elsewhere on this page, I plan to eventually include more information about our facilities, funding, and active research questions. For now, however, I have mostly concentrated on documenting our measureable accomplishments and maintaining a record of the current statuses of lab alumni (when known). If you have any additional information about any of the alumni from the lab, please contact me so I can keep this page up to date!

- Larsen Lab Data -

We have been fortunate enough to have been continually funded by the National Science Foundation since 2012. Since data we acquire from federally funded sources needs to be made available to the public, I tasked some of my students to develop a webpage that outlines the different instrumental datasets available. The website they developed can be found here.

- Lab Accomplishments by Year -

Year-by-year breakdown of students in lab

Peer-Reviewed Papers coming out of the Lab

Professional Conference Presentations coming out of the Lab

Student Presentations coming out of the Lab

Student Awards Won while in Lab

- Larsen Lab Alumni -

Trey Anderson
Tobin Barrett
Josh Beck
Dr. Phil Boehner
Michael Brandon
Clarissa Briner
Susanna Brylawski
Kensley Burriss
Dawn Carrillo
Erick Carrillo
Mike Chute
Gavin Connors
Eric Davidson
Erin Deck
Grant Farmer
Benjamin Fullerton
Joerael Harris
David Hayes
Timothy Hayward
Bridget Ierace
Cassidy Jenks
Parker LeClerc
Robert Lemasters
Abbie Long
Kyle Smydra (McClary)
Joshua Moravec
Monica Mullis
Dr. Joseph Niehaus
Matt Noffke
Kate O'Dell
Linsey Passarella
Alexis Payne
Hilary Powell
David Ruwadi
Grant Saltzgaber
Adrian Sanabria-Diaz
Cameron Self
Jenn Smaroff
Dr. Conor Smith
Dr. Aaron Steele
Annie Steele
Dr. Jeremy Stromer
Josh Teves
Derek Tuck
Danielle (Policarpio) Wolf

updated: 8 August 2020